Within a 25 mile radius of Buffalo State College locate the nearest Congregations of the following Religions: Native American, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity (Orthodox, Protestant & Roman Catholic), and Islam. For each Religion, answer the following:
Name, Address, Phone # of Place of Worship. How far is each Church, Temple, and Mosque from Buffalo State?
What is the name of the Clergy/Minister who serves as the congregations’ “Leader”? What title, if any, is this person called?
Is there a particular day that the people come together to worship? What is it and what are the times for the worship services?
Part 11
Choose 2 Religions and make a visit to the Church/Temple/Mosque. Be sure that one visit is a to a worship service. Please Note: You may only choose 1 Christian church. Do not choose your own faith tradition. The assignment is to help you learn about other forms of worship. After your visit write a 3 page reflection paper on each of your visits including the following questions:
As you walked up to the entrance, what did you see? Describe. Describe what you saw as you walked into the Church/Temple/Mosque. Were there any paintings? Statues/ how were the chairs set up? Pews? Was there an altar? What was on it? Near it? Were there any sounds? Smells?
Describe the service that you attended. Who was the leader of the service/ did the congregation participate? How? Did you talk to any one? Did you feel welcome? Why or why not? Were there any symbols used? What? How? What did they illustrate? Teach?
What were your impressions of the 2 places you visited?
Be sure to scan a program, brochure, bulletin, pictures etc. from each place you visit to your paper. Also, have someone from the place of worship sign your documentation. Please note 5 points (each place) will be taken off if you do not attach something from your visit and a signature from the two visits.
Minimum # of Pages – 8
Paper will not be accepted if it does not reach the required minimum # of pages.